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Child Protection Policy of Our Lady Of Mercy Artane Parish
Policy Statement

The Parish of Our Lady Of Mercy, Artane, recognises that children and young people are made in the image and likeness of God and encourages their participation in the liturgies and social, sporting and recreational activities of the parish, in a manner which respects and enhances that dignity.
The Parish will use its best endeavours to ensure that such participation by children and young people will be in a safe environment, devoid of abuse, whether physical, sexual or emotional.

 Guidelines in this area are operated to a high standard. The following guidelines apply:

   Safeguarding Children from the National Board for Safeguarding children in the Catholic Church is the most up to date church policy and is available at :

  •  The state guidelines Children First apply in all our schools and guidelines  in the Diocese are consistent with state policy.
  • Anyone in this parish working with children – employees, volunteers andpriests – are required to participate in Garda Vetting. Details of that process are available at
  • It is of utmost importance that anyone who may have suffered abuse, or who knows of anyone who may have suffered abuse, is aware that they can contact the Child Protection Service of the Archdiocese at 01 836 0314.  The website is   Every effort is made to try and ensure that children participating in all aspects of parish life are safe and welcome.